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I am so confident that I can achieve Google page one rankings for my clients that I offer a fixed price Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service. You only pay me once I have got your site on the first page.


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My unique Pay For Results SEO prices are very competitive. Imagine the amount of extra sales you will make with a top rankling in Google.


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You only pay me once I have got your site onto page one.


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SEO might be a confusing venture for a lot of people. Even many so-called-experts can have a difficult time keeping a
website presents itself the search engines.

Primary... the major search engines are constantly changing their algorithms in an effort to bring you the the majority
relevant website listings for a search query. Search engine listings also change their algorithms to stay before
dishonest companies that quickly learn how to manipulate the search results.

When the search engines change the way they list websites, you can find unscrupulous people who go right to work
racking your brains on how to cheat the machine.

These people are using what's known since "Black Hat SEO" and if you are trying to run a legitimate website, try to
avoid them at all cost! Sure your website will get a high listing rather quickly using black hat techniques, but as soon
as the search engines ascertain what you're doing, they will likely ban your website from their listings altogether
(forever). And sooner or later, they will figure it out.

Second... There's a whole lot of misnomers about what's more important when it comes to SEO. A few so called SEO
gurus can have you believe page rank is the most important thing when it comes to search engines. This is simply not

Google page rank (or Google PUBLIC REALTIONS) is one important factor when it comes to ranking a site for the
major search engines, nevertheless SERPs (or Search engine Page) is precisely what really counts.

"Page Rank" is Google's way of putting a number to the authority of a online site. If they believe your site is
important, they'll provide higher PR.

Nevertheless it doesn't mean the authority of your site will get you indexed on your behalf main keywords.

There are actually thousands, perhaps even millions, of websites that contain a low page position, but are listed
relating to the first page of the major search engine listings (including Google), for some top keywords. In
comparison, you can find just as many high PR ranking web pages, which might be buried in "no mans land" in regards
to the search engines (which include Google).

Additionally, additional major search engines (Hotmail, MSN, Ask, and 100s of smaller search engines) don't really
care about your "Google Page Rank" in any respect. They only like giving their visitors relevant web advertising.

So ask yourself this... would you rather have a small Google PR of several, and be listed on the first page with the
search results? Or could you rather have a high PR of 5 or even 6, and become listed on the tenth page in the search
results, where nobody will ever find people..? I believe the answer is obvious.

One of many websites I built for my other web business, hasn't experienced a Google PR of more than 2 for the
previous 4 years (considering it's been live online). But it has been on the first page off major search engines (for my
main keywords) for 3 1/2 these 4 years. I'll take the lower PR and keep your high listing any day with the week.

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