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I am so confident that I can achieve Google page one rankings for my clients that I offer a fixed price Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service. You only pay me once I have got your site on the first page.


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You only pay me once I have got your site onto page one.


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On-site Optimization

You wouldn't expect show up high up on the SERP for a word or phrase which doesn't appear very often or not at all
on your website. Consequently, in order to attract the attention of the major search engines, we must ensure that
our key words actually appear on the website. This will unfortunately involve some tweaks or even re-writes of pages
or articles to be able to thread these keywords and phrases into the website. There are several areas where these
key words should appear. Examples are: - Page Content including articles - Page Descriptions - the written text that
appears in the superior of your browser whenever you visit a website. This is also used in some search engines in the
search outcomes. This information is additional using "meta tags" that happens to be hidden in the web site source
code. If the page is editable which has a content management system (CMS) they are able to usually be edited
immediately - Keywords - Also hidden in meta tags and made use of by some search engines - URLs - marketing
promotions campaigns to have a page named "... /strategic-asset-management. html" than "... /page2. html Once
again you can find tools to help test the relevance of a page in terms of keywords and phrases. This is an iterative
process and in some degree trial and error. The key thing is to keep the language as natural as possible whilst using
the keywords and key phrases as often as probable - without going overboard. Too much keyword density can lead
to search engines such as Google removing a website from their index, if it suspects foul play.

Off-Site Optimization

Google uses a voting process to rank websites and pages the best way of importance when deciding which pages to
show presents itself the SERP. It is false that the site with the most keywords gets to the superior. It all depends on
how important and relevant your website is for those keywords in the opinion of the search engine. The specific
algorithms used by search engines are trade secrets and tend to be always being refined, but generally Google works
the following: Each link back to a page on your website counts as a vote. You could therefore argue that the more
links you have the better and this is usually partly true. However, Google is in addition interested in how relevant that
link is. It can tell in the event the website linking to yours has similar key words which is therefore more relevant.
Finally, if the website containing the back link has a high Page Rank which adds weight. For case, if the BBC or even
Times Online (High Page rank) ran an posting on Social Housing and had the link social housing to an internet site
about social housing, this would increase the importance of this site for that key phrase. Therefore, it is not really
much the number of links that counts for the reason that quality and relevance of the links. That said, the more
quality and relevant links you've got|you might have, the higher up you're going to get. There is one last item to say
about one-way links. There are some one-way links you don't want. For example, just for a back link from your BBC
carries weight, a back link from some black-listed web-sites will damage your ranks. Google know that a few
disreputable "black hat" SEARCH ENGINE RANKING OPTIMIZATION consultants trade links to enhance their rankings.
Once Google discovers such a site (or someone reports such a site), the site may be removed from its catalog.

SEO Glasgow-City Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Glasgow City