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You only pay me once I have got your site onto page one.


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Keyword Analysis

It is important that a set of Primary and Secondary key terms are agreed which will form the basis of the SEO
strategy. Once agreed these may then be liberally inserted into relevant places on the site to increase the relevance
for those keywords and phrases. Primary keywords and phrases are the ones that appear often throughout a web
site. Secondary keywords and phrases are those that appear on specific pages or parts of the website. Generally
communicating, the more words in a phrase the less the others from other websites. However, it is also likely that
there would be fewer people searching for these. It is no good being number one on Google for a phrase that nobody
ever quest for and so a balance has to be reached. SEO consultants who claim they can demand that you number 1
on Google aren't lying; its just that the search term is going to be so obscure that nobody will ever do it. If you had
an internet site dedicated to "purple spitting frogs", you could be certain of a number 1 spot. Some keywords and
phrases have so much competition that it becomes very difficult to appear high up the SERP without a very large
budget. Therefore, finding a niche is important.

It is better to appear presents itself Google for a Keyword or phrase that only 500 people look for each month than
on position 200 to get a phrase that 50, 000 people search for each month. Finding the right key words therefore is
the foundation for the whole SEO campaign. Here, we aim to create a list of 50 to 100 key terms against which we will
analyze both the search frequency and the competition. From this we incorporate the use of a statistical method for
identifying the most effective selection that will afford the best results. The following steps is followed, some of which
are iterative: - Analyze your existing website to identify words and phrases that already naturally show up, -Analyze
your competitor's websites to see what keywords and phrases they use. Tools exist to help with this process -Come
up with alternative phrases with regard to these keywords e. grams. "social housing consultants", "social lodging
consultancy", "social housing consulting ". Once all over again, tools exist to help with this process -
Come up with a good mix of 1, two, 3 and 4 word phrases After we have the list of keywords and phrases we can
then use these to find out the number of lookups made each month and the number of websites that contain these
results. Once again, tools exist that assist in the process including Google's own number of tools. At the end of this
process we should have a few key words and phrases that need to be the cornerstone of your SEO campaign but will
still be refined over time. For example, to support new articles that appears on the website.

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